JadeStone Real Estate 玉石不动产顧問
Your Trusted Team for New York Properties 紐約最優質服務華人地產公司

From luxury high-rises to charming brownstones, from retail and offices to mixed-used buildings, and property management for individual investors. We also service developers, whether promoting your developments overseas or establish an expert team locally.


Our Services:

> Residential and Commercial Sales and Leasing: Representing buyers, sellers and landlords.

> Property management: Aiding investors and owners in managing and maintaining their properties and maximizing th

eir investment returns.

> Broker assistance:  Aiding brokers in communicating with their clients, to further the best results for both parties.

> Bringing together developers and Asian investors: Helping U.S. real estate developers identify and meet with appropriate Asian investors; overcome barriers of language and culture, and bring their transactions to successful conclusions.


Our Service Areas:

We specialize in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queensl as well as Long Island! We also work with affiliate local experts in Staten Island and the Bronx. We also work with industry professionals in other parts of the country or other destinations to service our clients. 

We are the most trusted, top-quality NYC Real Estate firm catering to our Asian/Chinese clientele!

我们公司服務曼哈顿,布鲁克林和皇后区等地,从豪华高端公寓到特質經典小樓,從商鋪、辦公室到綜合大樓,及為個人投資者的物業管理。 我們也服務當地及海外的開發商, 不管是為您擴展海外市場或在當地組成專家團隊!


> 民用和商用房的買賣和租賃:我們為買家,賣家,以及房東提供服務。

> 物業管理:我們為個人投資者或外居業主管理維護他們的房產,以獲取最大投資回報率。

> 經紀人協助項目:我們協助經紀人與他們的客戶進行溝通,力求為雙方帶來共贏的結果。

> 新樓盤項目:亞洲投資者的購買力引起了越來越多地關注,許多開發商在設計建造新樓盤的時候,都會把亞洲買家的需求考慮進去。我們幫助開發商尋找亞洲主要的房地產公司,為雙方搭建溝通的橋梁,克服語言文化差異的壁壘,最終促成交易的順利達成。



我们主要专注于曼哈顿,布鲁克林和皇后区以及長島! 同时我们还和史丹顿岛、布朗士的当地地产专业人士合作。